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Security-as-a-Service Management

Security as a Service basically means a turn-key solution in offering all web, data, and infrastructure and network security for an organization. When we take up security as a service for a company, we offer a complete suite of IT security for your organization.

ISS Technologies has been at the forefront in offering security as a service and helping companies in offering robust security services by taking care of all functions of IT security. We carry out in depth, study, research and analysis of a company, its IT infrastructure, the architecture put in place, the tools used and implemented, the issues, concerns, challenges, gaps if any, and build a robust, safe, secure road map implementation plan that outlines the way forward and implement state of the art cutting edge technologies so that all IT assets of a company is safe and secure from all internal and external threats. After implemented we implement all systems and procedures for maintenance and proactively engage and interact with all stake holders in ensuring we respond to all threat perceptions so that business continuity of our client is protected and made seamless and hassle free.

What is Security-as-a-Service Management?

Security as a Service Management is defined as a process, and a mechanism to conceive, plan and implement a highly robust security services system that manages all the IT security of an organization.

Security plays a crucial role in protecting all the entire IT infrastructure of an organization from serious threats that pose to the to a company's very IT security. This helps drastically reduces costs and improves efficiency and increases productivity and provide fool proof security.

Guiding the Companies with Security-as- a-Service Management

ISS Technologies possesses deep experience, expertise, and exposure in managing, protecting and efficiently taking care of entire IT security of an organization.

We ensure we implement time tested, globally accepted practices in all IT security aspects.

Our deep expertise in the entire security management, the cutting edge automation tools associated with it enable us to recommend the right fit technology tools for our client thus eliminating gaps and improve the web security to make it fool proof.


  • We offer and allocate dedicated resources to manage and implement the entire IT security management implementation process.
  • We coordinate with your management team and license software vendors and ensure smooth and seamless execution of all technology requirements You can stay focused on building strategies to build a business.
  • We consistently and continuously study, analyze, monitor, measure and report the entire process IT security management that covers the entire gamut of various departments within an organization.
  • Our services will improve efficiency and increase productivity of your business significantly

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