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As a trusted Cloud Advisor, we help businesses transform into Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Services.

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Cloud Solutions

Planning to move to a Cloud Platform? Reach the full potential of your Cloud Investments with ISS Technologies.

ISS Technologies offer end-to-end cloud consulting services like Architecture, Deployment, Migration and Management to enterprises, SMEs, and start-ups. We have been involved in Cloud Business Practice in India since 2014, and are working with IT/ITES, start-ups, retail, agro, pharma and healthcare..

With our experienced cloud consulting team, we can assess and implement cloud solutions for your business that maximize your return on investment.

Cloud Advisory and Implementation Services

  • Assessment and Identification of the Gaps
  • Adoption, Planning and Strategy
  • Migration Readiness Assessment
  • Modernization of Workloads
  • Accelerate Deployment with well Reference Architectures
  • Optimization with Best Practices
  • Build Resources to Manage
  • Solution: Hybrid/Multi-Cloud, Window PC Cloud, DR and Backup, Business Continuity, Microsoft, SAP, CDN, DevOps

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Our Services

Cloud Migration Services
  • Migration From On-Premises / From Cloud To Cloud
  • Database Migration
  • Application Modernization & Refactoring
  • Assessment, TCO Analysis, Architecture Design, & Build
Cloud Manage Services
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Assistance
  • Security Scanning and Patching
  • Centralised Remote-Control Centre
  • Application, Network & Database Monitoring
  • Backup Management
  • Cloud Cost Management
Cloud Professional Training Services

Guided, interactive, hands-on help you to gain required skills so that your IT Team can maintain, and support solutions in the cloud

Cloud Economics

  • Right sizing of solutions
  • Cost savings across plans with Flexible payment
  • Special program offers and Funding
  • Simplified and customised billing formats

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Why ISS Technologies

  • Early adopter/starter in the cloud solutions business.
  • End-to-end cloud services, application infra security support services.
  • Certified and experienced technical team can architect, build and manage new or existing cloud infrastructure and deliver it on time and within budget.
  • In-house center of excellence - helps quick demo for business and complex proof of concept.
  • Manage Support Services: with an in-house certified team of experts and years of experience in knowledge and skill sets.
  • We offer our support services with instance optimization & performance services, health checks, and reports.
  • R0I/TCO: We ensure technology, solutions, and processes help in bringing value to our customer's business.

Ensure High Availability Of Your Services

How ISS Technologies Will Help Organizations With IT Infrastructure?

ISS Technologies possesses the deep experience, expertise, and exposure to management and execution of IT Infrastructure management with certified and experienced resources.

  • We help in reducing duplication of efforts, thus improving time to market.
  • Enhance the flow of information seamlessly across multiple departments.
  • Implementing best practices enables a reduction in costs and risks.
  • Ensure complete and comprehensive interoperability across all entities internal and external.

Ensure High Availability Of Your Services

ISS Technology Benefits In IT Infrastructure

ISS Technologies possesses the deep experience, expertise and exposure in managing and executing IT Infrastructure management with certified and experienced resources.

  • We offer and allocate dedicated resources to manage and implement IT Infrastructure Management.
  • We coordinate with your management team and license software vendors and ensure smooth and seamless execution of all technical requirements.
  • You can stay focused on building strategies to expand your business.
  • Implement and maintain an effective change management strategy.
  • Our services will improve efficiency and increase the productivity of your business significantly.

Support & Services

  • I.T Managed Service
  • Remote Managed Service
  • Network Assessment and Support Service
  • Endpoint Managed Services
  • Data Centre Support Services


  • Data Centre
  • Server and Desktop Virtualization
  • Information Technology Services Management (ITSM)
  • SAN and NAS
  • Backup and Disaster Management
  • Network Service
  • Endpoint Device

Secured Clouds

Well-designed cloud security strategy vastly reduces the risk of cyber-attacks.

Cloud is a boon to new generation technology. But if it fails to ensure proper security protection, cloud services could ultimately result in higher cost & potential loss of business thus eliminating all the potential benefits of cloud technology.

Regardless of the type of deployment, the following responsibilities are always retained by Cloud User:

  • Identity
  • End Point
  • Applications
  • Network
  • Infrastructure
  • Data
Platform Threats Solution Example
IAAS With an IaaS model, the CSP is responsible for security of the physical data centers and other hardware that power the infrastructure including VMs, disks and networks. Users must secure their own data, operating systems and software stacks that run their applications. Network attacks such as DNS misdirections Jump , prefix hijacking Jump , and DDoS attacks Jump Data & Network Encryption , Access Control , Monitor, Audit And Identify Anomalies , Backup DDoS Protection AWS/AZURE/GCP Instance
PAAS In a PaaS model, the CSP protects most of the environment. However, the user is still responsible for the security of the applications it is developing and their Data. Misconfigurations, access management, regulatory compliance, data storage, data retention, privacy and data breaches, and disaster recovery Authentication and Authorization. Encryption , WAF , backup , DDoS Protection AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure PaaS, Google App Engine
SAAS SaaS Security refers to securing user privacy and corporate data in subscription-based cloud applications. SaaS applications carry a large amount of sensitive data and can be accessed from almost any device by a mass of users, thus posing a risk to privacy and sensitive information. Misconfigurations, access management, regulatory compliance, data storage, data retention, privacy and data breaches, and disaster recovery Email Threat Protection, IAM, MFA, DLP, Backup DDoS Protection Microsodt 365 , Microsoft Dynanic 365, Salesforce, Google Workplace ,Yahoo

Solutions We Provide

Network Security
Workload Security
Container Security
Application Security
File Storage Security
Conformity services

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