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S.V. Rao, Founder ISS

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20 years of grind with over 500 clients has made us who we are today. We are the Genie of the SMBs who wish to make their IT solutions & services generate highest ROI.

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  • Headquartered in Hyderabad
  • 500+ Happy Clients
  • 60K Users on Cloud
  • 50K End Points in Security
  • 1 Petabyte of Storage

A Step Sooner Is A Step Multiplier!

Digital Transformation – Who’s Winning? And How?

Are you not a living witness to how the business environment is changing rapidly? We guess we all are!

We call it the new normal. Its demanding, evolving and needs your organization to be flexible and agile.

Otherwise, it will reach a dead end.

Align IT To Your Business

Co-creation is the magic word. Aligning IT to your business is necessary so that the tech works to enhance your ROI.

Pick Skilled & Trusted Partners

Digital Transformation is a journey, not an endpoint. This journey is best enjoyed with trusted partners. ISS promises to be that partner for you.

Use IT For Visible Client Outcome

Your ROI is directly linked to client outcome, which in turn depends a lot on how IT is being deployed and used. This is a real measure of IT effectiveness.

Retrain Employees Around Digital Transformation

People are at the core of Digital Transformation. Invest in training them so that you can leverage digital fully.

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It has taken us 20 years of consistent hard work to reach this milestone. That also speaks of our grit at ISS!

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Case Studies

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Cloud Backup and Recovery

Cloud Backup Service securely, reliably, and efficiently protects your organization's critical data, directly over the Internet, automatically from desktop, laptop, and server; through easy configurations of desired backup policies and monitor your backups.

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Disaster Recovery

As IT applications continue to power businesses more and more, it is becoming ever more important to ensure robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery or BCDR as it's essential to preserve and increase customer and shareholder confidence.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers a whole range of business process improvements that work seamlessly together, giving you the a full fledged ERP software on cloud. Dynamics 365 provides business intelligence and productivity through tight integration with the Office 365 apps you already use and enables your business to market smarter, sell effectively, and interact and respond everywhere.